As we maneuver through this ongoing uncertainty retaining key staff becomes a priority. As business reels from the global pandemic and as an economic downturn seems ever more likely, retaining staff becomes critical.

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As we maneuver through this ongoing uncertainty retaining key staff becomes a priority. As business reels from the global pandemic and as an economic downturn seems ever more likely, retaining staff becomes critical.  Along with making employee retention a priority you must also create and follow through on retention strategies to help in the reduction of staff turnover.  

Here are some helpful tips on improving employee retention during Covid-19.


When you hire someone new you should make sure they are set up for success within your company. This is a critical first step. You should teach each new member about their job, company culture and how they can contribute and, in the process, thrive. Employees are your best asset, make sure from day one that they know and feel this. 

Introduce Mentorship Program 

When you hire someone pair them with a member of their team as a workplace mentor. This will make your onboarding even more effective. It creates a sense of belonging, helps employees reach their full potential and it promotes their personal and professional development in a supportive way. 

Employers of mentored employees gain from greater productivity in theworkplace. 

Consider Employee Benefits 

You need to provide attractive compensation packages. Things that will boost your employee’s morale. It is not only increase in salary but also paid time off, bonuses, retirement plans, health and wellness plans. It’s important from day one that each new hire is aware of the benefits available to them. Perks are little things that are very effective in boosting employee morale. 

Wellness Offerings 

Keeping your employees fit – physically, financially, and mentally – is considered “good business.” It is important to offer your employees these incentives and encourage them to engage in healthy activities and physical wellness. Remember, when your employees are healthy, it means there will be fewer sick days and higher levels of productivity. 


It is vital to keep the lines of communication open and especially in the current climate.  Your employees should know that there is a safe place for them to air their question, problems, concerns and ideas. Check in regularly with your staff individually and as a group. Be open and honest and keep them informed. Provide safe channels for providing feedback. Every leader should know that communicating during a crisis is critical. 

Retaining your employees is critical but most importantly, it is possible. These are a few steps you can take to ensure your business can retain its best employees. Retention is vital for the success of your company.  

You Can’t Build a Business Without Consistency 

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