Financial Wellness by Sapphire

Sapphire deliver a multi-faceted Wellness program which includes Financial Wellness for both the Employer and Employee.

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Sapphire deliver a multi-faceted Wellness program which includes Financial Wellness for both the Employer and Employee. We offer an online virtual Financial Consultant as well as onsite- programs to meet with the demand of today’s workforce in an ever-changing landscape. Our programmes operate within Covid 19 guidelines, and we work with each client to facilitate a safe and secure program. Our Financial Wellness Service provides the flexibility and access necessary for today’s workplace.  All programmes are available online. 

Why is employee financial wellness important?  

The financial wellbeing of your employees matters because if they’re financially unwell, this will increase absenteeism and illness and lower their productivity. Our goal is to make a real difference to the everyday lives of every one of your employees. 

An employee’s problems with money may produce such overwhelming negative feelings and self-criticism that his or her mental and physical health can be adversely affected. Financial distress can also have negative effects on a person’s relationships and family life.  

Our financial wellness programs are programs that help employees (better) manage their finances and reduce financial worries. As such, they contribute to better overall financial wellbeing for employees. A financial wellness program is aimed at educating employees. We can create a personalised financial plan for them which can be reviewed annually as their circumstances change.  

Our program gives the tools, skills and knowledge to successfully manage financial expenses. Money plays a critical role in our lives and not having enough of it impacts health as well as academic and professional performance. Positive financial wellbeing leads to greater feelings of security and confidence and has a positive effect on mental wellbeing.  

To ensure everyone can avail and benefit from the program we deliver it through different platforms which include:  

  • Seminars  
  • Webinars  
  • One to One  
  • Workshops  

Whether an employee works 9-5, nights or remotely they will be able to avail of the program. Everyone is guaranteed a high level of confidentiality and the reassurance that are team are available to them whenever they need them. 

Get in touch to start your financial wellness plan today. 

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