Challenges Facing Job Seekers

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The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has affected every aspect of life in Ireland, and is continuing to affect the job market. We are doing what we can to support those who come to us as they attempt to get their career back on track.

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The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has affected every aspect of life in Ireland, and is continuing to affect the job market. We are doing what we can to support those who come to us as they attempt to get their career back on track. There are many challenges to those looking for jobs, so we have complied some tips that may be useful for those currently job seeking. 

  1. Prepare for the long haul 

It could take time to find the right job so hang in there. Turn on email and push notifications for any job sites you follow, broaden your horizons and look places you may not normally look. You may be surprised by what is out there, but don’t forget how competitive the market is right now. 

  1. Assess your spending      

You need to allow a realistic time frame for how long you will be out of work. Calculate your spending and review what income you will realistically have and then keep your spending below your income. This may require you to look at adjusting your lifestyle. Budget realistically, but also include the occasional treat for yourself. It’s a hard time right now, and we all deserve nice things. Don’t go overboard, maintain your budget but give yourself something to get through the lockdown. 

  1. Assess your skills  

You need to assess your skills constantly. Do they need to be updated? Do you need to acquire more? Are the skills you have relevant to the jobs your applying for? Are you able to upskill or learn something with your newfound free time? Make a list of areas you could improve. If you can, do. 

  1. Make direct calls to employers and recruitment agencies

Prepare your script in advance, sell yourself with confidence. Pitch your skills and experience as a benefit to them. Research the business if you can and use examples you find to show how you could work well with their team. 

  1. Knock on doors 

Due to Covid this is not always possible so arrange a Skype or Zoom call with a potential employer or recruitment agency. If successful, then be ready to articulate your value and try and demonstrate your skills. Start the process of engagement.  

  1.  Relationships work 

If you combine any of the above approaches with a referral, then you’re in business. This will significantly increase your chances of been invited for interview. This is also one of the key reasons why recruitment agencies work so well for candidates.  

  1. Flexibility 

Post Covid, candidates may need to switch careers especially if they have been in the hospitality or travel sector.  Be flexible, you may need to take a part time job to start , commute or take a pay cut. 

  1.  Always ask for guidance

Someone has already been there so don’t hesitate to ask for advice. Everyone will know someone who has changed careers or upskilled. Get a feeling for what’s is likely to be like job hunting post Covid.  

The longer you wait to proactively find your next job the more difficult it is likely to become. Focus now on finding your next job, don’t wait till the government assistance is again reduced or stopped.  

Start a relationship with a recruiter it is more important now than ever before. They can provide guidance and feedback to help position you effectively for a radically changed employment environment. 

If you need anyone to help open doors, or show you where to start, we can help. Reach out to Sapphire Recruitment today on 085 707 2977 to see what we can do for you.

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