How to Navigate a Toxic Work Environment

Many of us have heard the term “toxic work environment” but how many of us would be able to identify one? Would we be able to do anything about it if we were able to recognise it? And is it possible for that toxic environment to follow you to Work From Home? How can we save ourselves from this type of environment?

Cyber Security

The pain of all corporates and business units. Cyber security should be a high priority for any organisation, especially in this digital age, where everything is stored on servers, when companies encourage staff to work from home, where they either bring a work laptop home, or use their home laptop for work.

9 Challenges for Employer’s Post – Covid-19

Covid-19 has caused a great upset in the Irish economy, and in the job market. With nationwide and local lockdowns, more space between seats and tables, our economy was halted in its tracks, jobs lost, companies closed, and we have yet to fully recover.

Staff Retention Tips

As we maneuver through this ongoing uncertainty retaining key staff becomes a priority. As business reels from the global pandemic and as an economic downturn seems ever more likely, retaining staff becomes critical.

Oh There You Are!

Come On In!