How to Navigate a Toxic Work Environment

Many of us have heard the term “toxic work environment” but how many of us would be able to identify one? Would we be able to do anything about it if we were able to recognise it? And is it possible for that toxic environment to follow you to Work From Home? How can we save ourselves from this type of environment?

Pay Staff Their Worth

There was recently an article in the Irish Times, discussing staff shortages and the benefits of paying staff what they are worth. While I’m not sure the quote was intended to spark discussion, it certainly has.

Launch of New Website

Sapphire Recruitment are delighted to announce the launch of their newly revamped website. If you’re reading this right now, congratulations! You are currently viewing our brand new website.
The website was launched last month, and our goal with this new website is to give power back to job seekers in their job search.

Things Not to Include on Your CV

There are many things you re told or expected to put on your CV. It can be quite a daunting task, when you set out to rewrite or edit your CV. Here is our list of what not to include on your CV

Including Hospitality Experience on your CV

Writing Hospitality on your CV Blog Header

Many people are reluctant to highlight some work experience on their CV. We are sharing some tips on how to write a CV that highlights your hospitality experience and articulates your skills and qualifications in a way that will get you noticed by employers in other industries.

Self Care and Pilates

Self Care and Pilates blog header

At the very heart of the Pilates method is the principle of self-care. No matter what your reason may be for practicing Pilates, it can also be one of the greatest expressions of self-care.

Challenges Facing Job Seekers

Challenges Facing Job Seekers blog header

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has affected every aspect of life in Ireland, and is continuing to affect the job market. We are doing what we can to support those who come to us as they attempt to get their career back on track.

Cyber Security

The pain of all corporates and business units. Cyber security should be a high priority for any organisation, especially in this digital age, where everything is stored on servers, when companies encourage staff to work from home, where they either bring a work laptop home, or use their home laptop for work.

Transferable Skills of Hospitality Professionals

If you’re one of the Hospitality professionals who has lost your job, fear not. This might not be a bad time to look for a new role. In fact, your experience in the food and beverage industry has armed you with some highly transferable skills that can get you hired elsewhere.

9 Challenges for Employer’s Post – Covid-19

Covid-19 has caused a great upset in the Irish economy, and in the job market. With nationwide and local lockdowns, more space between seats and tables, our economy was halted in its tracks, jobs lost, companies closed, and we have yet to fully recover.

Oh There You Are!

Come On In!