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We Are Sapphire Recruitment

We believe that Sapphire’s success will be based on our service to others and not at others expense. 

Sapphire facilitates connections between people with the ultimate goal of seeing people Thrive, be that in business, in their career or in life. 


We aim to be:

  • Authentic  
  • Different 
  • Responsible but Bold 


If you are ready to be bold and different but authentic and responsible, then team up with Sapphire and together let us turn how you recruit and how you get hired on its head.  

We offer a game changing approach to recruitment. 

We stop at nothing

Put simply, you have our unwavering commitment to help you succeed. 

We Give You Back The Power

You decide what CV you want on your desk. 

You decide who’s desk you want your CV on.

We Keep It Simple

We do what we say and say what we do.

We Make It Affordable

We commit to pricing transparency.

Your Career. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

All of us at Sapphire believe that hard work and dedication are essential tools for success as nothing in life comes easy. Hard work always pays off and our team will work hard for you and dedicate our time and energies to helping you on your journey to success.  

Success is a journey, not a destination and we would like to be your partner on part of your journey to success. 

Maureen O'Brien

Why Me? Why Now?

Founder / Recruitment Specialist

Integrity, Kindness, Compassion

I ask myself this question daily and my answer has remained the same so let me share with you. 

Straight after secondary school I entered the convent and there is where I continued my personal growth and development which was based on principles and values. It is my belief that there are standards of behaviour about what is important in life. Integrity, Kindness, Compassion and Honesty are examples of what I would consider to be commonly held values. My values are the things that I believe are important in the way I live and work. Principles help me stay focused on what is important and keep me aligned with my values even when the herd is pushing a different way. They give me a foundation to stand on so I can say or do what in the moment might be unpopular but what I believe is truthful and right. I anchor myself and my business in values over profit, in people over gain and accountability over unaccountability. In my limited experience I have seen the way business should not be conducted and how values and principles have been ignored for profit and gain. I believe that I can make a difference and this is my answer to Why me? 

Why Now? Simply put it is a product of redundancy and covid. Having been made redundant twice in 3 years I decided it was time to do for myself in the limited number of working years that remain for me. I want to be the change and in time and over time see the difference. NOW is the optimal time to be the leader of change in the recruitment Industry and indeed in business. We are at a crossroads where we are coming out of a once in a lifetime experience and we are re-starting. This is my mission that people will be put before profit and that a portion of the profit that is made is put back into people. The Here and Now is the only time we have, yesterday is no longer and tomorrow never comes, today is the day to act, be kind and be bold with your acts of kindness. Show example, be dependable, efficient, honest, reliable, be loyal, show commitment and stay positive. 

If you have just read this ask yourself:

  • What are my core values? 
  • Can I be the change? 
  • Why not me? 
  • Why not now? 

Maureen O'Brien

Founder / Recruitment Specialist

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