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Featured Candidates

Chefs - All Grades,


Chefs – All grades available – Sponsorship required.


Midwives - UK,

Hospital : Chelsea and Westminster

Midwives - UK,

Hospital: Epsom & St Helier

Mental Health Nurse, Dublin North/Dublin South,

Positions are all within the private hospital network

Cardiac Nurse, Dublin South,

Positions are in private hospitals

MRI Radiographers - Ireland,

Must be CORU registered-Minimum 3 yrs experience-Visa sponsorship offered

Theatre Nurses - Dublin,

All vacancies are in private hospitals

Helping You


We are committed to being not just the biggest but the best with a value-driven approach to recruitment. Sapphire Recruitment is founded on values and principles that puts people at the core of everything we do. Sapphire is a personal growth company that happens to recruit. We are a team of facilitators making the recruitment process easier, faster and more affordable.


We will always do right by you; this is a human business and we are here to help you make life changing decisions therefore it is our honor to help you in your quest to achieve success.

– Maureen O’Brien, Company Founder

We understand that it is people that make a business and so our main purpose is to help people build better lives and professional communities. We help unlock their individual potential and introduce them to life changing career opportunities. We do this by carving out personal relationships with both the Client and Candidate. We partner with people to help them not only survive but thrive. 


Together, we can find you the right person to suit your business and them the right job to suit their life. 

Have you issues with finding Talent?

Sapphire will find the best talent available to fit your job opportunity each and every time. Sourcing both national and international talent.

Are you seeing your recruitment budget disappear without results?

Take back control of your budget, spend it wisely and do not pay unnecessarily, no more retention fees or high % for candidates.

Are you constantly receiving CVs that are not suitable and waste your time?

Do your own search as you know exactly what it is you need and if you can't find it, advertise it all under the one roof for your convenience and in your own time.

Are you disenchanted with the “take a number” mentality of most recruiting companies?

Well, your number has just been called and your personalised service is about to start. You lead the way and we will do all in our power to get you where you want to be.

Tired of not hearing back?

Take back control - Let the employer come to you.

Do you want to take back control of your career?

Own your power and show your confidence to everyone who is looking. Put an end to hiding your accomplishments and then ask for what you want.


Our Latest Projects


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We work closely with you to understand your goals and then develop your entire business plan.


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Our management consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical issues.


Reinventing the Role of Medical Affairs

We know how to achieve success and complete the bravest goals with minimum expenses!


Winning the Race for Digital Commerce

We put emphasis on bringing your business to another level, on its development and positive changes


Leading consumer products companies in 2017

During our work we integrate principles of fair play. We turn ideas into actions, delivering qualified help to our clients.


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Our responsibility is to provide you with the right solutions, clear and accurate calculations.


The SDN Effect on Network Security

For enterprise organizations around the world, Software Defined Networking (SDN) is transforming the way we build


Prioritizing Tax Benefits

Two kinds of clients scare me most. The first ask me as they pick up their tax return what they can do to lower their tax bill

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  • Take back control of your career
  • Highlight your Talents
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  • Choose the position that is right for you
  • Be heard
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  • No more sifting through unqualified candidates
  • Time has come to save time and money
  • Transform how you bring people into your organisation
  • Access a bigger pool of candidates at your leisure
  • Always be ahead of your competitor in the search for talent
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